All together for the greater good.

CoHelping is a non-profit help matching app launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as a digital mobilization.

We believe that everyone can make a difference by chipping in to improve the safety and wellness in the lives of others. Hence, we have designed the CoHelping app as a marketplace to match people that request help with those that offer help to their local communities. A space to easily create tasks, search gigs and communicate directly to help out faster.
Give Help  - we give you the ability to volunteer on your own terms like pick up groceries, help with transport, walk a dog, get a prescription collected, set up an online food order or simply be a friendly voice of reassurance over the phone.

Get Help - if you need support we give you the possibility to ask for help and have helpers from your local community fulfill your request.    
The app is still work in progress. As the community grows, the social impact aspect can become even stronger. Stay safe and look after each other. 
CoHelping is free, easy to register and use. 

CoHelping is a non-profit app created by a diverse team of Swedish entrepreneurs and public profiles; Stephen Gyasi, Tommie Jakobsson, David Gabor, Valeria Viana Gusmao, Tobias Svenlöv, Timothy Collins, Hugo LePrince, Jasmine Moradi, Artan Mansouri, Sofie Grant and Ash Pournouri.

Photos by Kate Gabor.

BankID provided by Carl Aurell from IDKollen.

Be someone’s
local hero.

Join our global community to help people, families & businesses who have been affected by COVID-19.