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the greater good.

CoHelping is a non-profit help matching app launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as a digital mobilization.

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Give or get help

Choose if you want to give or get help. Services can include transportation, pet care and more.

Choose location

Choose where you want to help, or in what area/community you need help. We'll match you with the right people.

Chat & keep updated

Once we've matched you with the right people, you can start chatting with them. Mark as done once service is completed.

A help marketplace.

Our aim is to create a community of volunteers around the world with the hope to help people, families and businesses who have been affected by Covid-19, and beyond.

A list of people who match your category and location criteria will appear. Each color represents someone in a matching category.

Chat to any nationality

Click a category color to initiate a conversation. CoHelping recommends below advised security information to protect your safety.

How to protect yourself from fraud, phishing and spam
Become a local hero
It is the responsibility of every member in a community to step up during a crisis. Your neighbourhood will need you - to either ask for help or to help those in need. 

Thank you for being that hero.

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Be someone’s
local hero.

Join our global community to help people, families & businesses who have been affected by COVID-19.